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New to Inspire Property Management


We hope to make the transition from your current managers as easy as possible.

We are humbled and proud that your strata council has selected Inspire Property Management to be strata managers for your community.

This page is focused on the basic information and forms we need to efficiently communicate and so you will continue to pay your fees on time. We thank you for taking the time to fill out these forms.

The above forms are what we need as soon as possible. But, every community is a little different and may require different information or forms.

Perhaps you have a pet that needs to be registered. Or need to request a new copy of the bylaws. Or have a problem with your irrigation that needs to be reported to the strata manager.

There are many forms that may be submitted electronically at or find other resources under Clients » Clients Resources from the top menu of this website.

As we get to know your community, many forms may be updated to include information only needed by your community or exclude information that your strata council does not need. No log-in required.

Of course, you can always email your strata manager directly. They will answer your message and add the matter to the council’s agenda.

If you wish to drop off the form to us in person – we’d love to meet you!. But please call ahead to schedule a visit with your strata manager.

As a small brokerage there may be times during normal business hours that someone is unavailable to receive you. If you are in our area, but can’t reach your strata manager right away, please try calling our general inquiries extension at 778-738-0234 x 2 to confirm that someone will be available to receive you.

We are often asked why we need owners to agree to a new pre-authorized debit or provide their contact information again.

The simple answer about pre-authorized debits is that the contract you previously agreed to was between you and the previous management company.  We need you to provide Inspire Property Management authorization to collect your strata fees by direct debit.

Likewise, this is a great opportunity to update the strata corporations contact information for you, since we may not be able to rely on the accuracy or completeness of the records we will receive from your previous management company.

Now that the basic paperwork is out of the way, we expect you have a few questions.

Below are a few articles and announcements you may find interesting as a new owner in a strata community.  More articles and announcements may be found at

Insurance Crisis: First Steps

Insurance Crisis: First Steps

The BC Government announced today that they are taking the "first steps" needed to address the complex issues that have led to the current insurance crisis which is leaving many buildings uninsured or only insured after as much as an 800% increase. Changes proposed in...

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No winners between landlords and tenants during COVID-19

No winners between landlords and tenants during COVID-19

“I think what people often forget in this whole thing is landlords usually have only one or two investment properties … Most of the rules to protect tenants are to protect them against the big company that has 1,000 units and if 100 of them are vacant, they are going to survive no problem.” – Greg Bickert of Inspire Property Management

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Winter Reminders

Winter Reminders

Winter is coming If you are lucky enough, you may be planning to leave home for somewhere warm for the winter. Or, you may be planning to stay home and keep warm with hot coco by a hot fire. Either way, its time to start preparing your home for the cold months ahead....

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