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Make a Complaint

In almost every community there will be a time when someone is acting unreasonably or does not follow the rules and bylaws. When this happens, it is up to the strata council to enforce the bylaws. But, before the council can do anything, they first need a written complaint. Any owner, tenant, occupant, or visitor may make a complaint using this form.

Remember that even in situations of an obvious wrong, the doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty” applies. The Strata Property Act requires that the strata council reserve judgement about whether a bylaw is contravened until after the alleged party is notified of the complaint and given a reasonable opportunity to answer, including the right to a hearing. Only then may the council decide whether to give a warning, charge fines, charge costs to remedy a bylaw contravention, or deny access to recreation facilities.

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Use this form to allege a contravention of a bylaw or rule by an owner, tenant, occupant, or visitor in your community.

Note about privacy

Please be aware that an owner or tenant, including the accused, is entitled to receive a copy of this complaint if requested. In order to protect your privacy, your name, address, and contact information will not be included in the email notifying Inspire Property Management Ltd. about your complaint (the correspondence that the accused is entitled to receive). However, your name and other personal information collected from this form may be kept electronically, kept in the strata manager’s notes, or provided to the strata corporation. This information may also be discoverable during Court or quasi-judicial proceedings.

Your unit number may be shared with the accused if the strata council decides that this information is relevant and/or important information to the complaint.

For more information on privacy, please visit or click here to view the Privacy Guidelines for Strata Corporations and Strata Agents.