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If you are already a client, you may access forms and other resources below.

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Most Popular Forms 

Pay strata fees by pre-authorized debit

To pay your strata fees by pre-authorized debit, you may complete the following form online or print the downloadable agreement included below.

Download Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

Self Initiated Payment Plan
Strata corporations are non-profit entities. So, when strata fees or special levies are not paid by owners, it impacts all owners. But sometimes an owner simply cannot afford to pay the full amount of fines incurred after renting to a bad tenant, their portion of a major special levy that was not anticipated, or other debt to the strata corporation. While in almost all cases the strata corporation cannot accept less than the full amount payable on the due date, it is sometimes a practical reality that an owner can only pay the debt over a few months rather than in full on the due date. If you are in such a dire financial situation and acknowledge that you must pay the amount that is outstanding, the Self Initiated Payment Plan is for you.

After you have signed up for pre-authorized debit, you may provide instructions to add an amount to be withdrawn from your bank account on the 1st of each month in addition to the recurring monthly fees and/or levies. This may not prevent you from incurring interest, fines, or more serious penalties or actions against you by the strata corporation. But, proactively paying down a debt is often viewed favorably by strata councils and may prompt the council to work with you during your difficult financial circumstance.


Update my OWNER information with the strata corporation

Please complete the following form to update your information with the strata corporation.

Downloadable Owner Information Update Form

Schedule a Move
Keys, Fobs & Building Access
Parking Agreement

Complaints & Service Requests



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Use this form to allege a contravention of a bylaw or rule by an owner, tenant, occupant, or visitor in your community.

Note about privacy

Please be aware that an owner or tenant, including the accused, is entitled to receive a copy of this complaint if requested. In order to protect your privacy, your name, address, and contact information will not be included in the email notifying Inspire Property Management Ltd. about your complaint (the correspondence that the accused is entitled to receive). However, your name and other personal information collected from this form may be kept electronically, kept in the strata manager’s notes, or provided to the strata corporation. This information may also be discoverable during Court or quasi-judicial proceedings.

Your unit number may be shared with the accused if the strata council decides that this information is relevant and/or important information to the complaint.

For more information on privacy, please visit or click here to view the Privacy Guidelines for Strata Corporations and Strata Agents.
General Service Requests
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Other Useful Forms

Notice of Tenant's Responsiblities (Form K)

146 (1) Before a landlord rents all or part of a residential strata lot, the landlord must give the prospective tenant

(a) the current bylaws and rules, and

(b) a Notice of Tenant’s Responsibilities in the prescribed form.

Download the form by clicking the below link:

Form K – Notice of Tenant’s Responsibilities

A copy of the notice must be provided to the strata corporation within two (2) weeks of renting all or part of the strata lot. Many strata corporations adopt bylaws which impose fines against owners who fail to meet this requirement.

If you do not have a copy of the bylaws or rules, you may order replacement copies by following the link below:

Proxy Appointment

To appoint someone to act as your proxy at a general meeting, you may download the sample general proxy by clicking the link below. Be sure to instruct your proxy to bring a copy of the appointment to the meeting.

Form A – General Proxy Appointment

Inspire Property Management Ltd. makes it a practice to include a sample proxy appointment with every general meeting notice. So, if only need to appoint someone to act as your proxy for a single meeting , you may use the form attached to the notice.

A person who may vote at a general meeting may vote in person or by proxy. A document appointing a proxy must be in writing and signed by the person appointing the proxy, may be general or for a specific meeting or resolution, and may be revoked at any time.

Subject to the regulations, any person may be assigned as a proxy except an employee of the strata corporation or a person who provides strata management services to the strata corporation.


Register my pet

Pet Registration

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  • You may use this form to inform the strata corporation about your pet.

    Many, but not all, strata corporations require that residents register their pets with the strata corporation. Please review the bylaws and rules of the strata corporation to determine if you are required to register your pet.

    Note: If your strata corporation does not require that your pet be registered, you are not required to submit this form. However, many strata councils appreciate it when owners inform the council about new pets in the building, whether or not is is required.
Receive minutes and other documents by email

The Strata Property Act was amended on December 10, 2009 to allow owners and tenants who live in their strata lots to provide their email addresses for the purpose of receiving notices and documents from the strata corporation. If you live in your strata lot, and you wish to receive minutes or other documents by email, please complete the following Owner Information Form.

Downloadable Owner Information Update Form

Update Online: My Info

Update my TENANT information with the strata corporation

Please complete the following form to update your information with the strata corporation.

Download Tenant Information Update Form