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Innovative and efficient services through the latest technologies and applications.


Sensible financial management as an RCM with experience as a Managing Broker


Bulk purchasing discounts and a large network of suppliers to reduce maintenance and administration costs.


24 hour emergency services protecting against significant loss or damage


We assist strata corporations in a wide array of administrative tasks, including

  • meet with council on a regular basis
  • record minutes
  • practical advice about the application of the Strata Property Act and Regulations
  • bylaw enforcement
  • receive and forward correspondence
  • prepare and file statutory forms
  • maintain strata corporation records
  • keep owners’ and tenants’ contact information


We assist strata councils with fiscal and financial management tasks, including

  • preparation of annual budgets
  • maintain financial records
  • calculate and invoice strata fees, special levies, user fees, and fines
  • review depreciation report for upcoming expenses
  • support strata corporation’s legal counsel in collection proceedings
  • maintain common funds in trust accounts under Real Estate Services Act
  • prepare annual financial report for filing with Revenue Canada
  • tracking unbudgeted expenditures and deficits
  • implementing cost savings measures
  • finding new sources of revenue


We assist with maintenance of the strata property, including

  • identify and schedule maintenance
  • coordinate and solicit quotes
  • confirm suppliers’ WorkSafe insurance
  • reduce expenses through bulk purchasing
  • on site inspections with strata council
  • conduct interviews for caretakers and employees
  • review depreciation report for planned repairs
  • suggest and impliement preventative maintenance programs