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The Province of British Columbia announced that restrictions in place during the pandemic will be eased beginning March 11, 2022. The Province announced:

With so many British Columbians stepping up to get vaccinated, we can now safely lift more COVID-19 restrictions, starting March 11. The BC Vaccine Card requirement will remain in place until April 8. Thanks to the incredible efforts of British Columbians, we can now safely get back to even more of the things we love.

Wearing masks in public indoor settings is no long required by public health. In other words, personal choice, personal responsibly, and respect for each other will determine whether masks will be worn in most private indoor spaces and workplaces. However, masks remain encouraged on public transit and within any setting where people will be in close proximity to each other, though not required by public health order.

We wish to remind our guests to please respect that “everyone will be moving at their own pace,” as noted by Public Health Officer when many restrictions were last eased on February 17. Read our post about the February 17 changes:

Because the announcement explicitly states that the requirement for COVID-19 Safety Plans are required by businesses until April 8, after which the requirement will decrease to an Infectious Disease Safety Plan, clients, shoppers, and guests to businesses should be aware that masks may still be required in many work places, depending on a number of factors.

We will continue to review and update our COVID-19 Safety Plan and Communicable Disease Safety Plan as applicable considering the latest public health orders and recommendations from epidemiologists and other healthcare experts. In the meantime, we ask that our guests wear masks when entering our workplace for so long as we have signage posted stating that masks are required before entering. Please recognize that we may require masks in our workplace for reasons that may not be disclosed, due to privacy. Likewise, out of respect to people who must continue to wear masks, for their own reasons, our staff are instructed to mask-up when a guest enters our workspace wearing a mask, even if our policy at that time is that masks are generally no longer required.

We thank all our clients and guests for their patience and understanding as we transition to the endemic stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about the current public health orders: