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The Province of British Columbia announced that restrictions in place during the pandemic will be eased beginning February 17, 2022. The Province announced:

As we carefully ease some restrictions, people and businesses will be going at their own pace, for their own reasons. Be respectful and kind as you consider others’ situations and comfort levels. Keep up your layers of protection and wear your mask in indoor public spaces. Get vaccinated, get your children vaccinated, and book your booster appointment as soon as you are invited.

We thank you for your respect and kindness as you consider others’ situations and comfort levels as we approach the endemic stages of the pandemic.

Considering current health recommendations, occupational safety requirements, and other logistics, in person attendance at our offices must be arranged in advance. Please contact us before planning an attendance at our office to confirm whether an in person meeting is required, and otherwise we will gladly make alternative arrangements.

As restrictions ease and health recommendations evolve, we will continue to review our policies regards to meetings that are not necessary to take place in person.

Whether planning an in person attendance at our offices or arranging a council or general meeting, remember that a person may not attend that meeting if that person is ill with coronavirus, flu, has symptoms of a contagious illness or is otherwise unwell. If that person is the strata manager or the council member whom is most knowledgeable on the topic to be addressed, arranging a meeting without an option for electronic attendance may result in an undesirable situation.

Many of our clients have expressed an eagerness to resume large indoor gatherings, especially for their annual general meetings. However, as the Province has pointed out, people will be going at their own pace, for their own reasons. We encourage strata councils to be considerate of people who are not yet ready or able to attend meetings in person.

Many restrictions remain in place for in person meetings, including the requirement that masks to be worn, access to washroom, hand sanitizer, and a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Vaccine passports may be required depending on factors such a venue. Councils who decide to hold meetings in person should apprise themselves of the revised regulations and be clear with owners in advance of meetings about the requirements.

Before planning your next meeting, we encourage you to seek advice from your strata manager about whether meetings should continue to be held electronically or a mix of in person and electronic.

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