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Definitely a leader in their industry. Incredibly helpful and prompt responses to inquiries. They definitely go above and beyond for their clients! Especially Greg.

Posted by Daniel Bussière on Friday, July 14, 2017

Daniel Bussiere is a Wealth Advisor and Principal at Benewealth Strategies Inc.

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Greg is extremely professional and great to work with. He knows the Strata Property Act inside and out and I would recommend him to anyone.

Posted by Kirsten Lee Torbohm on Friday, July 21, 2017

Kirsten Torbohm is a licensed strata manager and former colleague of Greg Bickert.

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The past and present Strata Council wishes to acknowledge the intellect, professionalism and the attire worn by your employee.

Greg has proved to us he is proficient with dedication and wisdom in all situations. Our recent ‘Deficit’ concerning [the building maintenance contractor] proved that he spent considerable hours researching to enable his ability to handle all questions or situations that might arise during our AGM on the 13th Nov.

Greg’s dedication and knowledge will carry him far in all career choices in the future.

Our thanks,

Strata Council KAS 766

February 18, 2016:

We have done dealings with Greg in the past and he is a pleasure to deal with. Look forward to working with him in the future.

Cindy McVeigh

Founder, CEO & Business Owner, Central Okanagan Clean Sweep Ltd.

Recommending the management services of Greg Bickert of [his current brokerage] is very easy to do.

Greg has exhibited personal characteristics which would make him highly desirable for any occupation.

He is compelled to learn all he can, and to gain the knowledge required to be a superb expert in his field.

He is dedicated to exceeding the standard required for the job and to keeping up to date on changes to the Act and Regulations. When he doesn’t know something, he finds out. His personality compels him to be a problem solver.

When facing problem people at meetings Greg has shown his abilities to remain composed and to turn the other cheek to a degree that I can only admire, and will never achieve. I believe his human relations skills are based on a true desire to show respect for all.

Greg has demonstrated more than acceptable abilities in the management and production of the documents related to the running of our strata corporation.

Am I biased? – Yes – This young man impresses me.


Gwynne Harries

Council Member, Strata Plan KAS 1686