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Penticton, British Columbia

Inspire Property Management opened the doors to it’s Penticton branch office on July 8, 2019. We have been pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming welcome from residents who wish to become our clients. We are looking to hire and train a strata manager while our capacity still exceeds the demand.

Inspire Property Management is looking for a junior strata manager or unlicensed strata manager trainee. Some benefits of this position include opportunities for continuing education and an initially small portfolio with high earning potential. But the real benefit is a career at a company that, just like Penticton’s namesake, is a place to stay forever.

Experienced strata managers may apply. Compensation and training will be adjusted according to experience and skills.

Positions also available in Kelowna.

Unlicensed Candidates

All candidates must be licensed or enrolled in the Strata Management Licensing Course. A successful candidate who is unlicensed at the time of their hiring will initially be hired as a part-time employee of Inspire. They will receive on the job training and mentoring from the Managing Broker and a senior strata manager, provide supervised assistance to licensed managers with real world tasks, and will be allotted paid “study time” to complete the licensing course– being able to ask the Managing Broker questions they may have while completing their studies.

All candidates must successfully complete their licensing course within 6 months following their hire, including by obtaining a passing grade on the licensing exam.

Job Description

The successful candidate will join Inspire Property Management as soon as they are available, after giving any requisite notice to their current employer. Once licensed, they will work as an independent contractor, starting with a small portfolio of properties (equivalent of part-time hours). The candidate will receive training and mentoring as the candidate’s knowledge and experience improves and their portfolio grows to the equivalent of full time-hours over the course of the next year.

Responsibilities will include:

• Managing each strata property’s financial affairs, strata insurance, and other paperwork
• Meeting with clients to explain guiding legislation and find resolutions to disputes patiently and tactfully
• Ensuring that each strata is in compliance with (frequently changing) laws and procedures
• Conducting meetings with strata councils
• Being available to take calls and respond to emergencies (24/7)
• Proactively seeking guidance and education from the Managing Broker, colleagues, and third-party continuing education courses.


We are seeking candidates with an active strata management license or individuals who meet the description below and are willing to undergo paid training (details below*).

Candidate must…

• Be professional, patient and empathetic when working with clients
• Have exceptional conflict resolution skills
• Be able to explain complex subjects in clear and concise terms
• Be highly organized and detail-oriented
• Have intermediate computer skills, including competence in Microsoft Word and Excel
• Be able to type quickly (suggested min 60wpm)
• Enjoy using analytical skills and finding creative solutions to problems
• Love learning complicated concepts and integrating new information as it arises

To Apply

Please apply on here: Direct Link coming. Please search for current listings at

If you are not currently licensed, please be sure to include proof of completion of the strata management licensing course as described above.

We would like to thank all applicants, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


*Have you only recently completed the strata management licensing exam, but think you would excel in the position described above? We will pay you during your training and reimburse your initial licensing fee if we ultimately hire you as a Strata Manager following your training and successful completion of the licensing exam!

Before applying, the candidate must be enrolled or have completed in the licensing course.

Once hired, the candidate must complete the licensing course within 6 months, including passing the licensing exam.

During the basic training period (3 to 6 months), the candidate will…

• Receive full-time hours paid at $20 per hour
• Complete all tasks under the direct supervision of a current licensee
• Shadow one or more licensees at 1 to 3 council meetings per month (may be daytime or evening)
• Mentoring from the Managing Broker
• Up to 2 hours weekly paid study time to expedite completion of the licensing course and allow the candidate to ask questions or discuss topics of study with the Managing Broker

After completing the course and passing the final exam, the candidate who is hired as an independent contractor will…

• Be reimbursed for the initial licensing fees
• Receive a minimum payment pay of $20 per hour until commissions earned from their portfolio alone exceeds that amount. For clarity, this minimal pay is only applicable (necessary) if the candidate works part time during the transition from a previous job or for any other reason the candidate plans to work less than full time hours.