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Canada Day – July 1, 2022

On June 21st Canada celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day to honour the heritage, customs and contributions of Indigenous people’s native to these lands. Canada Day on July 1st is a celebration to commemorate Canadian confederation and patriotism for our nation.

On this Canada Day we wish to recognise that indigenous peoples, including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, play a large role in Canadian history, and they resided on the lands now known as Canada long before settlers arrived. The reality is that Canada was built on land that was not formally relinquished by its original inhabitants.

Many people in Canada are asking the same question: Is it appropriate to celebrate Canada Day in light of the historically unjust treatment of indigenous peoples and tragedy of residential schools? Is there a way to celebrate Canada Day while still being committed to reconciliation?

Inspire Property Management wishes to express our thanks for the freedoms we enjoy as a nation, but to also recognise that we would not have these freedoms if it were not for the traumas and injustices to indigenous peoples of the lands on which we love, live, and learn. If you choose to celebrate on July 1st, we encourage you to do so with acknowledgement and sensitivity to the history and harm to the first peoples Canada. Inspire Property Management also give thanks for the part played by those who are bettering this nation, particularly those who will not celebrate this Canada Day because celebration of confederation is not compatible with the process of reconciliation.